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About A Little Greener

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  1. A Little Greener's mission is to connect new audiences to environmentally conscious living. A Little Greener can evolve lifestyles. Every person could make better choices to ensure a healthy family and planet. A Little Greener makes understanding environmentally conscious living easier by providing important basic information and organizing it alongside links to a variety of other resources.

Meredith Thomas founded A Little Greener in 2006 as a way to reach out to the good folks who would like to know more about green living. Meredith believes in the value of every person trying new ways of reducing ecological impacts, regardless of the way they live now.

Meredith holds a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology from UC Davis and a Masters of Arts in Environmental Business Relations from San Francisco State University.

Meredith lives in San Francisco and does her best to support independent businesses, buy local, organic produce, support Fair Trade practices and figure out new ways to live A Little Greener. She is frustrated that living green isn't easier and looks forward to a future filled with non-toxic, earth-friendly products and services.

Meredith is a proud member of Bioneers (, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring the earth and communities. She votes in every election large or small and believes it is never to late to become engaged in community and the world at large and begin working toward a healthier, more peaceful planet.

Mike LaHood created the logo and took some of the photos for A Little Greener. Mike founded LaHood Productions ( in San Francisco.

No matter who you are or what your lifestyle, isn't it time to live a little greener?

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