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  1. Clicking on a link you know nothing about and seeing what you learn
  2. Taking The Nature Challenge to heart and trying three steps
  3. Sending A Little Greener resources you know about and like

The volume and quality of resources related to environmentally conscious living is growing rapidly. The links provided on this page serve to enhance the information in the other sections of this site.

Of particular use is the idea of The Nature Challenge. Developed by the David Suzuki Foundation in Canada, the challenge identifies 10 things that anybody could choose to do to improve the health of our planet. An American version of the challenge is being developed too raise awareness among elected officials. A Little Greener will have that challenge available when it is ready. Consider choosing three things from the list below to try.

Take The Nature Challenge!

The David Suzuki Foundation
( believes that solutions are in our nature when it comes to environmentally conscious living. The Foundation has developed a campaign called The Nature Challenge that includes ten simple things you can do to protect nature.

Please read the following excerpt from The David Suzuki Foundation ( and consider taking action:

Our choices at all levels make a difference to nature. Let's choose wisely. We've researched the 10 most effective ways to help conserve nature and improve our quality of life. Here's how you can make positive changes:

  1. Reduce home energy by 10%
  2. Eat meat-free meals once a week
  3. Buy a fuel efficient, low-polluting car
  4. Choose an energy efficient home and appliances
  5. Stop using pesticides
  6. Walk, bike or take transit to regular destinations
  7. Prepare your meals with locally produced food
  8. Choose a home close to regular destinations
  9. Support alternatives to the car
  10. Get involved, stay informed

For more information on The Nature Challenge visit:
The David Suzuki Foundation