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Living Greener

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  1. Environmentally conscious living means being aware of how the choices we make effect the environment and therefore ourselves and our loved ones.

Environmentally conscious living requires understanding the relationships between what we consume, how we work, travel, create and the natural world. Environmentally conscious living does not mean that every choice we make will be the most green, instead it means that we are informed about our behavior and therefore have the opportunity to grow and live with intention.

A Little Greener is designed to provide a foundation in environmentally conscious living by organizing resources by categories, such as Family, Work Life and Travel, alongside straightforward informational passages.

There are simple considerations proposed at the beginning of each category. Utilize these tips for reducing your negative impact on the environment. Read the section text to learn about the major issues related to each lifestyle category and to spark your interest. Investigate the links provided by category to be connected with green businesses and additional resources.

Utilize A Little Greener anytime you are faced with choices that impact the environment that you do not fully understand. A Little Greener recognizes that nobody is perfect, that everyone can do more. isn't it time to live a little greener?

*There is no correct way to use this site. Select from the categories I have provided on the left to learn more about what you can do in each area of your life, and to view the resources (links) that I have provided. You can go one by one through them all, or go straight to the area that interests you most. I will be updating the "This Month" section with new features and articles and the resources on each page regularly, so even if you've already gone through the whole site, check back often. And of course, I welcome feedback and additional resources, so don't hesitate to contact me and contribute!